Current Exhibitions


Material Being 

Ed Smith / Joni Wehrli  

May 30 – June 28


Saturday, May 30 

Artist Talk 4pm 

Opening Reception 5-7pm 

Image (left): Ed Smith, Beggar with Head, 2014, bronze. Image (right): Joni Wehrli, Untitled, 2010, acrylic on canvas.  

Image (left): Ed Smith, Beggar with Head, 2014, bronze.

Image (right): Joni Wehrli, Untitled, 2010, acrylic on canvas.  

Material Being centers on the human body, taking a number of different viewpoints to elevate our selves to entirely different planes. Taken out of its normal context, insides are made visible both literally and metaphorically. Both artists included in Material Being, with their wholly original takes on figure and anatomy, lift the physical into the metaphysical. 

In her series of paintings “Different Anatomy,” Joni Wehrli draws on her personal history to depict internal organs, some recognizable and some fantastic, in a flurry of color that is by turns amazing, arresting, and chaotic. The sculptures of Ed Smith, bringing new twists on the classic bronze figure with works that are simultaneously mythic, gritty, and raw. Drawing on feelings of agony and heroism that have infused Western art since the days of the ancient Greeks, he reinvents the sculpted body for the contemporary age and shows his process over several studies, prints, and working drawings.


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Image: Invasion, mixed media by Frank Shuback. 

Image: Invasion, mixed media by Frank Shuback. 

Hard Evidence  

Frank Shuback 

April 4 – May 31 

in the Elevator Gallery 


Saturday, April 4 

Opening Reception 4-6pm 


Hard Evidence is a series of clues to current events, using design and color to draw together elements from around the world. Frank Shuback picks up found objects in wood, metal, plastic, and glass from antique shops and bends them to his own subjective imagination. Curious, unexpected, and often playful, his sculpture and installation will make you wonder and even prod you to laugh. 

Upcoming Exhibitions

2015 Summer Members Show 

July 4 – August 2 


Submissions Open to Current CAS Members 

Now through June 29  


Saturday, July 4 

Opening Reception 4-6pm 




Exquisite Corpse of the Catskills  

curated by Ellie and Akira Ohiso 

June 5 – August 2 

in the Elevator Gallery 


Friday, June 5 

Opening Reception 4-6pm 


CAS 2015 Exhibition Season 

Claire Breidenbach / Christopher Manning / Cathleen Parra 

January 17 – February 15
Artist Talk 2pm 
Opening Reception 3-5pm 

Scholastic Art & Writing Awards 
Art.Write.Now.Tour 14/15 

curated by Kay WalkingStick  
February 21 – March 22  
Opening Reception 3-5pm 

CAS Sullivan County High School Art Show 
co-sponsored by SC BOCES 

March 28 – April 19 
Opening Reception 11am-2pm 

Waxing Visions
Artists of New Hope Community 

April 23 – May 3
Opening Reception 6-8pm

SHHH! CAS Silent Auction Benefi
The Porch Challenge 
May 9 – May 24 
Opening Reception 4-6pm 
Closing Reception 4-6pm 

Material Being 
Ed Smith / Joni Wehrli 
May 30 – June 28 
Artist Talk 4pm 
Opening Reception 5-7pm 

CAS Summer Members Show 
July 4 – August 2 
Opening Reception 4-6pm 

Audubon and Friends Too 
Sullivan County Audubon Society 
August 8 – August 23
Opening Reception 4-6pm 

CAS Student and Teacher Art Show  
August 29 – September 13 
Opening Reception 4-6pm 

Kathryn Kosto / Frank Mullaney / Jake Seo 
September 19 – October 18 
Artist Talk 3pm 
Opening Reception 4-6pm 

Logarithmic Scale 
John T. Dinkey Jr. / Joel Edwards / Elise Freda   

October 24 – November 22
Artist Talk 2pm 
Opening Reception 3-5pm 

CAS Winter Members Show 
November 28 – December 28
Opening Reception 2-4pm